Today's run

on Monday, February 21, 2011
So I went out for a run when I got home. When I first got outside the door it felt like I could run forever. When i got half way the bottom of my lungs started to weigh me down - but that's what you get for running in -8°C! Overall it felt very nice.

Distance: 5.21 km
Time: 28:12

First run of 2011!

on Wednesday, February 16, 2011
So it begins. My cold is over and today I went on my first outdoor run this year. Just to the store and back to buy juice and bread, but it was a nice start anyway. 1.8km in 9:09 - pretty good time.

The weather was dark and cold (around -10°C) but it was okay. I've put up a training schedual for a half marathon that was supposed to start on Sunday. I think I might have to move it to next week so I have some more time to warm up.

Still motivated!

Oh no...

on Tuesday, February 8, 2011
I was planning to start running this week but I guess my karma was too bad. This weekend my throat started to feel bad and yesterday my nose did the same. Now my lungs hurt a bit and I hope it will go away as soon as possible. I really want to run now!

My nike+ pocket

on Saturday, February 5, 2011
Instead of buying a nike+ pocket I decided to make one myself. Cheap, but the look isn't so good.I haven't tried running with it yet but I guess it will work.

Good morning

on Friday, February 4, 2011
Right now I'm a school (adult education). Having a break from all the reading about materials and other not-so-fun-things. Right now all I can think about is getting home and create a pocket for my nike+. I've have tried different alternative sollutions to buying new shoes. I'll upload pictures of them when I get home. And yeah, I will upload pictures of my pocketmaking too!

I haven't started my training yet but I'm planning on doing so on Monday. The snow is slowly melting away but today new snow is falling from the sky (= very icy ground!). It would be nice to live somewhere warm where you can run all year long without thinking about how to dress up not to warm but not to cold either. But the winter is still pretty nice. It's just this passage from winter to spring that is quite nasty. The city becomes greyer than it allready is.

Enough with the break. Back to the studies!

How to run a marathon

on Thursday, February 3, 2011
Barney from "How I met your mother" has an intresting thought on how you run a marathon.

First entry

This will be my training diary for the journey to the 2012 Stockholm Marathon. The first challenge is to get used to asphalt. I'm a forest runner who dismiss the hard babylon ground, but if I'm going to run a marathon it's time to confront it!

Here I will keep a log of my runs and talk about this and that. Oh! It's worth mentioning that I'm vegan too and this is a nice way to prove vegansceptics that veganism is great for athletes.